Sunday, 26 August 2012

Apologies for my Absence

This is just a quick 'catch up' note, to explain my absence from both my blog here and over at 'Historika'.

I have had a rough time of it over the past 12 months or so. From Dad's terminal diagnosis, to caring for him, to him passing away. At the same time I did my best to keep my two Etsy shops open, re-decorate rooms at my parents' home, and cope with my own auto-immune disease. All of this it seems, has finally caught up with me.

At the moment the symptoms of my Hashimoto's disease have rocketed, and as I work through treatment for this, I will be unable to work on custom orders. Sadly my last grandparent, my mum's mum, passed away this week, so right now my hands are full.

Antique Historika is still open, however, and over at Historika, I have 10% off some Ready to Ship items.

BUT I fully intend to get myself well again, although this may well take a month or two. I am a positive person, and know that it is appropriate for me to take this time out to allow my body and mind to heal.

Thank you to those lovely kind customers and friends for all their well wishes, I appreciate them so very much.

I hope to be back soonish, on this blog at least during the next couple of weeks.