Saturday, 29 September 2012

The Symington Side Lacer

R. and W.H. Symington were corset makers who began their business in the middle of the nineteenth century, up in Leicestershire, Gt. Britain. The Symington Collection houses corsetry and other underpinnings, and was given to  Leicestershire County Council's Museums Service in 1980, so if you are up in that neck of the woods, you would be able to see around a hundred or so years of corset heaven! You can study a few handful of items online here .

The point of this post though is to look at one of their innovations, the Symington Side Lacer. Produced during the 1920s, when the fashion was to be boyish and almost androgynous, the side lacer was a garment which flattened a lady's breasts via assistance from side laces. Underpinnings during that time were very minimal, but very pretty! Lots of silk fripperies!!

So if you wanted to look like this, and were on the side of generous proportion wise, you would certainly need one!

A few months back I came across one on ebay:

1920s Symington Side Lacer

Fascinating stuff! I did wonder if this particular one had been altered, as the shoulder straps look as if an extra piece has possibly been added (or even elastic), but it is tricky to tell with these photos! It was so great to find this one, as I hadn't actually seen any images of one. :)

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Have a super Saturday!