Thursday, 10 January 2013

Antique Regency Roll

Antique Leather Regency Roll

These images here are from the wonderful Poppies Cottage. The owner of the antique costume, textiles and accessories shop, sold it a while ago, on ebay I think. I downloaded the images, and took a note of the measurements at the time:
Length- 7.5"
Mid Circumference- 3.5".
And I have finally gotten around to blogging about it!

Original Regency Roll

Regency Bum Roll with Eyelets

It is made from leather, and is tightly stuffed (although I'm not sure what with). The unusual thing here of course is that it has metal eyelets, or grommets.

Regency Leather Roll

There appears to be four of them at just one end. Maybe the leather was previously used for something else first? And was it later than the Regency period, as I have read in a few places that metal eyelets weren't around until the later 1820s in clothing, but were they used say in industry? Was a section of leather with these grommets taken from something else to make the roll? Norah Waugh in her 'Corsets and Crinolines' states that the Regency roll that was used in the early 1800s "increased in size...and became the bustle of the 1830s." But this one here is so narrow that I am not convinced that the shape would be very effective for the 1830s skirts; so surely it must come from the Regency period, or perhaps it was made for a young girl?

I shall keep looking for any further clues...

with love,