Monday, 29 April 2013

Regency Shirt for Sleeveless Gowns

In the midst of a rush of orders (it appears to be either feast or famine in my shop, rarely in between!!), one of my lovely regular customers asked me if I could make her a Regency shirt for sleeveless dresses (see last post)!

Great minds do indeed think alike! It was quite a task to find any information about this type of shirt. Like me she really loved the shirt that Romola had worn in 'Emma' (see below), so that was the basis for the design.

The only images I could find anywhere of an extant Regency shirt for a lady were these:

-from Augusta Auctions. Tasha Tudor Collection c.1820

 Met Museum c.1824

There are a fair few fashion plates with images of some form of blouse under sleeveless gowns, but it seems that they were not as popular as say chemisettes. The sleeves are always lovely and long, so that you get that puffy effect near the cuffs, as you do with the gentlemen's shirts. These two here have the ever popular ruff-like collar.

As my customer liked the look of the collared shirt of Romola's, we went for a simple design, with Dorset buttons down the front, and one at each cuff. I had managed to get my hands on some lovely and soft Irish linen, so that was the fabric decided upon.

And here we are:

Over the weekend I quickly ran up a basic day dress for the shirt, from some lovely fabric which I bought at our sewing shop in town, which is now fully stocked with gorgeous fabrics....bliss!!

                             Linen Shirt under Drawstring Sleeveless Dress

Phew, I was hoping to squeeze in a blog post during April somehow! I am in the process of looking for a new house with a (hopefully) much bigger workroom, so it is all go at the moment!

with love,