Monday, 19 January 2015

Late Victorian 1890s Quilted Petticoat

Although this isn't in superb condition, it is an example of a Victorian underpinning that you don't come across every day.

Front of 1890s  Quilted Petticoat

Back of 1890s Quilted Petticoat

This warm, winter quilted petticoat is made with a brown cotton, and is lined in a stripey cotton. It is all machine made. The drawstring has been altered to make the petticoat shorter at some point. It has 7 panels/gores, and the lower quilted section is about half of the whole petticoat. The hem has been piped, and underneath the hem, where the fabric has worn away, I can see that the stuffing which has been used for the quilting is wool. Amongst the vertical stitches of the quilting is some lovely two-tone machine embroidery. Originally it would have been a deep, dark brown all over.

So only a quick post today, but something that is worth sharing, none the less. :)
Naomi x