Thursday, 18 June 2015

Extant Parasol 1890-1900 ~ Accessories for my 1890s Outfit

So I am pretty sure that this is the last of my accessories bought for my 1890s ensemble. I have been looking for a parasol for some time, but the ones I saw were either too badly damaged or too expensive. I stumbled over this one the other day. It looked in very good condition. I really don't have the time to recover one, and wanted to avoid that if possible.

If you do want to have a go at covering a parasol, this post by American Duchess is very useful. In the comments below there was a link to this book 
"Sticks in Petticoats:Parasol Manufacture for the Modern Costumer (Full Color)"

It looks very good, great to find such a book on a much neglected subject.

So here are the photos of my lovely parasol. It is black with gold stripes, closes around the top of the parsol with a pearl button and metal ring, there is a metal ferrule cap, and a beautiful wooden handle. It is not perfect; there was one split in the canopy almost from one end to the other. I decided to sit down today and handsew this together again. I won't really be opening it up, as it is a prop, but the threads were visible from the outside, so I decided to rectify this. There are 3 or 4 other small splits throughout. The tassels are in superb condition, lovely to see.

There are a couple of books in my bookcase with references to parasols and umbrellas. Leafing through "Umbrellas and Parasols" by Jeremy Farrell, I found this (unfortunately black and white) photo with a parasol in the middle almost exactly like mine:-

The only difference is that mine has a curved handle. The book reads:-
 "These are examples of the plainer styles of parasol which were available in a twenty year period... By the end of the 1880s black and white moire became fashionable for the plainer parasol foreshadowing simper styles in the 1890s.
 Centre- black cotton twill cover printed with silver lines; tapering chip-carved ebonized wood handle, 1890-1900."

The date is a perfect match for my early 1890s outfit, wonderful! I am delighted with it, and am amazed at its condition.

naomi x