Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Extant Regency Chemisette or Tucker

Today I thought that I would share some photos of a wonderful recent 'antique find'. It is a Regency cotton tucker, with a short body, and a lovely falling high collar. I have never come across such an early Regency chemisette. 

Extant Regency Chemisette with Falling Collar

Details of Regency Chemisette

Originally it would have fastened with a pin, or either a Dorset or Mother of Pearl button and a hand sewn loop on the opposite edge.

The back of the body of the chemisette is made up of 2 pattern pieces, and there is one piece to each of the sides at the front (I am presuming that it was worn with a high necked gown.) Originally it would have been starched. There may have been one or two small mother of pearl or Dorset thread buttons on one side, and a hand sewn loop on the other side to fasten at the neck, or it could have been pinned. The hand stitching is of course, exquisite.

Inside Neck - 33cm or 13"
Centre Back from top of collar to hem - 21.5cm or 8 2/8"

Naomi x