Friday, 28 April 2017

Late 18th or Early 19th Century Women's Linen Cap ...with Dorset Button!

This linen Georgian cap is delightful. It is all the more delightful for having a Dorset button!! Wo ho!

Georgian Linen Cap

Extant Linen Cap with Dorset Buttons

Caps changed little in shape during the 18th and early 19th centuries for those down the lower end of the social scale. Here we can see the wide brim, ruffles around the face, and there are 2 strings at the top of the cap, and one to the neck at the back, so that it can be secured to the head for a better fit. 

Measurements:- From top of Cap to Hem of Ruffles ~ 9″ or 23cm.

The back is shaped, and it may have been brought in for a smaller head maybe. Also to the back are exquisitely sewn tiny initials in a dark blue thread. It has a strap which attaches to a Dorset button on the other side, as was often used in children’s caps.

Initials to the Back

A wonderful example of ‘plain sewing’. So let's see the button!:-

18th Cap with Dorset Button

Close up of Dorset Button

I have a beautiful Regency silk reticule to share with you next time. Have a great weekend!
Naomi x