Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Antique Child's Regency Chemisette c.1830s-40s

This is the second early-mid 19th century child's chemisette that I have ever come across. But sadly this one has been through the wars!!
It is a fine muslin chemisette, with padded satin stitch embroidery around the neckline. Above that is a ladder stitch, and above that there may have been lace, but as it is missing, we will never know. There is a loop on one side, but the corresponding button is missing from the other side. Most likely it would have been a tiny mother of pearl or ceramic button. 

1830s-1840s Child's Muslin Chemisette 

So there is damage in this piece, and sadly it is extensive. You can see the holes to the muslin itself, which are present on all 3 pieces. But sadly it is the embroidered neckline that has taken the brunt of the damage. There are many holes, and many antique darns. Most of the chemisette is a lovely white, but there are a couple of stains, albeit small ones, along the neckline.

Padded Satin Stitch Embroidery to Neckline


Centre Back from Neck Edge to hem - 9 3/4" or 24.8cm

From Shoulder Edge to Shoulder Edge - 14" or 35.5cm 

Naomi x