Fashion Plates

If you are interested in reading more about the history of Fashion Plates, there is a paper by John Nevinson titled ‘Origin and Early History of the Fashion Plate’. It is out of print but can be read at Project Gutenberg. There is also a wealth of information about Fashion Plates, and how to distinguish a genuine one from a reprint at ''.

*Galerie des Modes {1778-1787}

*Ackermann’s Repository of the Arts {1809-29}

*The Beau Monde {1820s-60s}

*La Belle Assemblee {1806-1868}

*The Ladies’ Fashionable Repository {1809-1895}

*Ladies’ Cabinet of Fashion, Music and Romance {1832-70}

The English Woman’s Domestic Magazine, 1852

*The Englishwoman’s Domestic Magazine {1852-77}

*Le Journal des Demoiselles {1833-1922}

*Journal des Dames et des Modes {1797-1836}

*La Mode Illustree {1859-1920s}

*Gazette du Bon Ton {1912-25}

*Godey’s Lady’s Book {1850s/60s}

*Ladies’ Treasury {1870-90s}

*Punch {1841-2002}

*Fashions for Men {1914-15}

*Petit Courrirer des Dames {1821-65}

*The Ladies’ Treasury of Costume and Fashion {1850s-1910s}

*Le Supreme Bon Ton {1810-15}

*Le Bon Genre {1801-1822}

*The Ladies’ Pocket Magazine {1825-39}

*Harper’s Bazar {1867-ongoing}

*The World of Fashion and Continental Feuilletons {1827-1891}

*Un Siecle de Modes Feminines {a century of fashions, 1794-1894}

*Le Follet Courrier des Salons {1829-1899?}

*The Queen Magazine {1861-1968}

*Gallery of Fashion {1794-1803}

*The Lady’s Monthly Museum {1798-1832}


The Fine Art of Fashion – Julian Robinson

18th Century Fashion Plates in Full Colour – Stella Blum

Hand Coloured Fashion Plates 1770-1899 – Vyvyan Holland

Fashion Prints in the Age of Louis XIV: Interpreting the Art of Elegance – Norberg & Rosenbaum

Fashion Through Fashion Plates 1771-1971 – Doris Langley Moore